Swampscott, MA

As a family of sports fans, these New England homeowners know it’s much more enjoyable to watch the game from the comfort of your own home. And with three teenage sons and a young daughter, having a space for everyone to call their own is key when multiple big-stakes games are on the line.

So when the family moved to a new house on the North Shore of Massachusetts, they asked Elite Media Solutions to help automate the space for added ease and efficiency—and to make the house feel like home. 

Given the importance of sports, the home is outfitted with 14 TVs and a cable box for each member of the family so everyone can watch their favorite events without missing a beat. For diehard Michigan State fans, that’s huge, and for a family with four children spanning ages nine to 17, that’s a surefire way to maintain the peace.

The teenage boys have a gaming area, where they can hangout, play video games, and listen to music, thanks to distributed audio throughout the house. A few steps away, there’s a space that feels like a world apart with a dance floor, gymnastics bar, and TV so the boys’ sister can play to her own soundtrack. 

Along with the home’s HVAC controls, security cameras, and driveway sensor, music in the house is controlled by the Savant app on the homeowners’ smart phones and iPads. Knowing the homeowner is a car collector, Elite made sure the whole house music even extended to the garage. 

Security was also top of mind for the homeowner, given the family’s love of travel. A custom doorbell alerts them to which door someone is at, while security cameras and a Cartell driveway sensor allow the family to checkup on the house even on vacation.

The technology has already proved its worth: after the cameras were installed, someone attempted to break into the home’s garage. With Elite’s help, the homeowners were able to pull the footage from the surveillance cameras and give the evidence to the authorities.

Tapping into their system from anywhere in the world, the homeowners can receive alerts if, for example, the temperature in the house falls too low. That way, they can fix the problem via the app, or, if it’s a larger issue, get someone over to the house to fix it before it becomes an issue. Knowing everything is secured at home makes for a more relaxing vacation.

Proactive solutions are part of the reason the family turned to Elite, too. Elite Media Solutions uses Ihiji monitoring to keep the technology running smoothly. If something goes down, Elite can fix it remotely—often before the client even realizes there’s any issue. 

And while all the technology provides peace of mind on vacation, nothing beats the relaxation it brings when the family is at home. This one-time new house is now a home they all want to come back to—if only to catch the next Michigan State game.