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Beautiful two-story house with a wraparound porch, grey shingles, and a well-manicured lawn.
Smart Home Surveillance

Experience unwavering peace of mind with wired and wireless security cameras safeguarding your family and assets.

Smart Home Network
Motorized Shading

Stylish battery-powered and wired shades blend energy efficiency, comfort, and aesthetics, all manageable through automated scenes, button presses, or voice commands.

Lighting Control

Manage the look and feel of living spaces with stunning illumination, seamlessly controlling fixtures without altering your home’s electrical infrastructure.

Outdoor Entertainment

Craft the perfect soundscape with a durable, weather-resistant speaker system invigorating every outdoor occasion.

Video Doorbell

Keep a vigilant eye on your front door with live video from smart doorbells, and communicate directly with visitors through a user-friendly app.

Smart Doorlocks

Protect your loved ones by managing access via unique codes, apps, and seamless smart alarm system integration that surpasses traditional door locks.

Upgrade Your Boston-Area Property Into A Smart Home

Enhancing Your Home With The Latest Technology Is Simpler Than Ever

Easily Deployable Solutions For Audio/Video, Lighting, And Automation Are At Your Fingertips With The Elite Team

Incorporating smart home automation technology doesn’t need to feel overwhelming. With the right technology partner, we work together to add the latest upgrades and features to your existing home without embarking upon an invasive retrofit project that puts your life on hold.

Control4 UI in a TV in a living room
Lutron Shades in a neutral colored living room
Bowers & Wilkins speakers
A modern kitchen with wooden cabinets, open shelves displaying dishes, and a sleek sink area with Josh AI nano white on the wall.
A modern living room with a large Sony TV displaying a sunset scene and minimalistic furniture.
A garden with a black outdoor speaker among green plants, with blooming trees in the background.

Embrace Smart Home Upgrades

Let us bring 21st-century technology into your home seamlessly with these retrofit-friendly smart tech solutions ideal for any space.
We bring lifestyle-changing technologies into Wellesley and surrounding area homes by seamlessly blending retrofit-friendly solutions.

Smart Technology Solutions

Install wireless lighting control to illuminate living spaces to suit your mood or the occasion with an effortless button tap or prescheduled setting.

Motorized window treatments adjust automatically via pre-programmed scenes or with a voice command, blending style and convenience that align with your daily rhythms.

View live doorbell camera video footage, responding to visitors directly by communicating with people in real time from your smartphone.

Strengthen your smart home’s foundation with reliable Wi-Fi installations that support numerous devices with unwavering connectivity.

Enhance security with advanced smart locks, using keyless entry and access management to add peace of mind via a mobile app.

Discreetly place wireless speakers throughout your living spaces to enjoy your favorite streaming music and TV audio everywhere.

Stay connected to every inch of your property with our powerful surveillance cameras that offer peace of mind and 24/7 safety for your family.

Transform patios, pools, and grilling areas into exciting outdoor spaces with stunning landscape lighting and weather-resistant audio/video systems.

Achieve comfort and efficiency with a thermostat that can learn your habits and is easily programmable via a mobile app or prescheduled settings.

Make Your Home Smarter

Our Smart Home Upgrade Process

1. Discovery:

At Elite Media Solutions, our journey begins by deeply understanding your aspirations and goals and your space's unique challenges through a comprehensive needs analysis. This crucial first step in your smart home upgrade allows us to craft a bespoke strategy that aligns with your vision and enhances your lifestyle with unparalleled sophistication and ease. Together, we'll explore the possibilities and design a system that reflects your dream lifestyle.

2. System Design:

We take the insights from the discovery phase and meticulously craft a tailored design with all necessary documentation for networking systems, audio/video, or lighting. Complete project specifications, component information, timeline, and budget criteria are outlined and presented to you. We welcome your feedback and are ready to fine-tune our plans to perfection, ensuring they align seamlessly with your vision and lifestyle.

3. Precise Engineering:

In this crucial phase, we harness cutting-edge CAD technology to produce detailed structural drawings for your home automation retrofit project, incorporating everything from labor requirements to the intricacies of low-voltage wiring, meticulously outlining every aspect of the project. This precision ensures that the final installation aligns flawlessly with your expectations and facilitates the smooth acquisition of necessary permits, setting a solid foundation for your smart home upgrade.

4. Proposal:

A tailored project proposal is critical and helps us precisely align with client expectations. Each is meticulously crafted to demonstrate our deep knowledge, competitive pricing, commitment to deadlines, and innovative design approaches. We review every proposal with our clients, allowing for immediate adjustments in products or budgets. This collaborative process ensures that every detail conforms precisely to specifications.

5. Implementation:

Our commitment to excellence shines brightest during the implementation phase of your smart home upgrade in Boston or the Wellesley area. Guided by our comprehensive documentation, we install low-voltage wiring and sophisticated equipment with precision. Our design-bid-build methodology ensures every step aligns with your vision and meets the agreed-upon project specifications. By involving our seasoned team during every step of the process, the final project mirrors the initial plan, harmoniously blending technology and design.

6. Service & Support:

Installing the latest smart home upgrades is merely the beginning. We provide detailed user training, thorough service, and steadfast support for your systems' to ensure longevity and optimized performance. Each client receives all design documentation for straightforward, hassle-free maintenance. We also manage warranties and offer a variety of optional tech service and support plans. For those wanting around-the-clock assistance, we offer premium services like 24/7 remote monitoring and priority service calls.